Giggle app delivered humor to users, learned their preferences over time, personalized the funnies to their taste, and allowed them to share what they liked.

Inside Giggle was Giggle Lab, where we collected and analyzed users’ data to better understand the social function of humor, and the role of other key factors like sleep, mood, and timing in the experience of humor.

I created the app as part of my graduate research at Stanford.

Contributions: UX+UI, content creation+sourcing, research lead.

Created in collaboration with Geoff Cohen and Samar Singla. 

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giggle screenshot grumpy cat
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Giggle: discover what happens when life gets funnier.

+ Giggle gives you the best funnies when you need them most.
+ Giggle gets to know you over time and tailors the funnies to your taste.
+ Unlike other apps that spy on you secretly and report to the NSA, Giggle spies on you in a good way and tells you everything it finds.
+ Giggle helps thee know thyself and be able to laugh at it all.
+ By participating in Giggle, you push the frontiers of human knowledge with your bare hands.

Disclaimer: Giggle is *not* a gateway drug. But it is the ultimate aphrodisiac and can be addictive. Consume the funnies carefully in the doses prescribed by Giggle scientists.



Always wondered what it’s like to be a guinea pig in a rogue psychological experiment?

Giggle was created by Stanford-trained rogue scientists. We must keep our identities secret to protect our loved ones. Our team consists of sober, PhD-anointed researchers, whose wits have been sharpened through years of training in the academy. Like Prometheus, we have decided to steal the fire of psychological science from the Ivory Tower and bring it to humankind. We are interested in humor but we are very serious about science. Our mission is based on a large body of psychological research. This research suggests that adding humor to one’s life is one of the best ways to improve wellbeing. From lowly lolcats to lofty New Yorker cartoons, humor is ubiquitous and nearly universal throughout human societies. One of the first social behaviors that babies display is to smile and laugh. As both research and casual browsing of online dating profiles reveal, most people see a sense of humor as a highly desirable characteristic in a potential friend or romantic partner, on par with openness and kindness. If humor still seems like a fun but largely frivolous life component to focus your energies on, consider this: in a large, decades-long study of former Harvard students, a sense of humor was one of the best predictors of healthy, happy, and graceful aging. Despite enormous scientific advances, many details about how humor works remain unknown. You can contribute to figuring it all out by participating in Giggle.