We are by the ocean in the Bay Area. Get close to it in your pregnancy, pay attention to the waves. See them, hear them, feel them. Walk into the water, if you can, even just a little bit. For many women, labor feels like riding giant ocean waves. If you have experience being in the ocean or a sea when it’s rocky by the shore but you can see more calm if you make it to the deeper parts, you already know that in order to get to the deeper calmer waters you need to surrender to the strength of the waves. Make yourself soft and allow the current to carry you. If you fight it, you will most likely end up with a lot of water up your nose, and maybe a little more acquainted with the ocean floor than you’d like to be because the waves are stronger. Let the waves carry you to calmer depth. You won’t feel the ocean floor with your feet but you might be able to float and enjoy the depth and the buoyancy.

Yula Paluy