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Yula Paluy, a Birth Doula trained with Cornerstone Doula Trainings. I work with clients in SF, East Bay, & Marin.

Wherever you plan to birth, what matters is that you feel informed, safe, and empowered during this transformative period of your life. It will be my privilege to help you prepare for the birth that you’d like to have, and to support you during labor so that your experience aligns with your values, and is as healthy and easy as possible. I consider doula work important because it provides clear and direct support to people exactly when they need it.

My inspiration for becoming a doula was discovering the powerful positive effects that doulas have on birthing experiences. Research shows that having a doula leads to several benefits, including shorter labor, reduced need for medications, lower rates of c-sections, easier breastfeeding, and greater self-esteem.1,2

My background is in psychological research. I conducted research at SF State, UC Berkeley, UCSF, and Stanford, where I examined the effects of language and of shared humor on physical and emotional experience. My practice as a doula is informed by all of my training, knowledge, and skills. I keep up-to-date on best birth support techniques and the latest research on established and alternative medical practices. My volunteer doula experience includes work with Homeless Prenatal Project and the program at CPMC Mission-Bernal (St. Luke’s).

You should feel comfortable with the person you hire to be your doula. I suggest that we meet first in your home or in a cafe for 45 minutes or so, get to know each other, and see if we click. This is a free meeting with no strings attached, though you may offer me coffee, tea, or water, at your discretion. :)

If we decide to work together:

The short version — my service to you will include several in-depth prenatal meetings, phone and email support, 24/7 on-call availability from 37 weeks on, full in-person support during active labor, and a postpartum meeting.
The services can be customized to fit your needs. Sliding-scale fee based on your household income.

See detailed version!

  1. During our prenatal meetings, we will discuss your hopes, concerns, and questions around birth, and I will help you formulate your birth preferences. If this is your first birth, I will walk you in detail through what to expect during the different stages of labor. If it's a subsequent birth, we'll talk about what worked well in previous labor(s) and how we can do better. We'll explore various techniques to help with the intensity of labor, such as breathing, positioning, visualization, counterpressure, eye and physical contact, and more.

  2. I will be available to you by phone and email from the moment we decide to work together, and will be on-call 24/7 from 37 weeks on.

  3. I will accompany you in-person through labor and for a few hours after birth until you are ready for time alone with your family. During labor, I will provide you (and, if present, your partner/close others) with continuous practical, physical, and emotional support. Part of that is making sure that everyone is hydrated, fed, and as comfortable and confident as possible. I will also act as a medical interpreter/advocate to ensure that you have full understanding of any proposed medical treatments (if they come up), and that you are able to communicate your preferences.

  4. We will meet a few days after the birth to go over your experience and make sure you are cared for.

If you have a partner, or another support person, they’ll ideally be present during our meetings (including, if possible, the preliminary “do-we-click?” meeting), and we will plan jointly how I can best support you and them through this shared experience of preparing for and going through childbirth.

Your investment:
It’s important that everyone who wants to have a doula is able to afford this help. I therefore charge on a sliding scale based on Bay Area income levels. Here’s what you can expect to pay for my services of several in-depth prenatal meetings, phone and email support, being on-call 24/7 from 37 weeks on, full in-person support during labor, and a postpartum meeting:

Household income:              Fee:
$30k-$50k                              $600
$50k-$100k                            $900
$100k-$150k                          $1,200
$150k-$200k                          $1,500
$200k+                                    $1,800

I also have a special fund that allows me to offer doula services to those with income below $30k — if you are able to contribute, please let me know. If your household income is below $30k, please get in touch with me to talk about working together (if I’m fully booked, I may be able to recommend someone else for you).

Please feel free to email call, or text.
When you get in touch, please include your name, location, EDD, where you plan to birth (if you know), and anything else you'd like me to know.

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